First Blog

Hello Friends,

It is so hard to believe that I have not created a blogspot before now, considering the fact that I think I have so much to say about so many things. and I promise, no blogs without a photo. So many interesting animals and pets, that will take a while to get through.

I am writing from the tiny hamlet of Tollesboro KY, where I did grow up but moved away for 35 years. I moved back in December of 2004 having been told that I was going to die of pancreatic cancer. I really, really had to get my lovely wife of 40 years back home and close to family. But, I beat it! So now, after 100 trips to Vanderbilt in Nashville I’m still here. 101 months of oral morphine at 1200mg per day. I got a pain pump put in 2 weeks ago and for the first time in over 8 years, no pain and no oral morphine. The fog has lifted, starting to feel like the old me. Look out world, I’m all the way back.

The church will notice a difference. I feel more like getting out. Visiting the sick, infirm and aged in nursing homes and in their homes. It just make you feel so good to visit with someone. I think I get more out of it than the visited, I learn so much from the elderly people of the community that watched me grow up, watched me through 4 years of basketball, very many attended my H.S. graduation. It’s what you do in a small town. Everybody goes to graduation.

Such a beautiful day. Mid 70’s with low humidity and Sunny. Farmers are getting ready to harvest corn and soybeans, lot’s of tractors on the roads. Between them and Amish buggies around here just add 20 minutes to any 15 mile trip and you will be fine. Plus, you see so much more when you slow down and look around you.

I suppose that “Looking Around You” could be the inspiration behind today’s blog. So many people rushing through life. “Stopping to smell the roses” is more than a cliche’. It is a very real commentary on how we should be living. Especially today, with so much terror in the world. And terror here in the USA. This is not a political blog but I am very afraid of the current administration. How is it possible that Romney isn’t leading in every state by 20%? If the media would only play fair. How can anyone influence the media? I don’t understand how it is possible yet I see it everyday.

Wake Up Everybody. Please exercise your right to vote, it has never been this important.

I have traveled a lot in 59 years. My wife and I took our 6 week old son to Germany in November of 1974, we lived there until June of 1976 then returned to Redstone Arsenal, Alabama where I went to military training for a year on the Improved Hawk CW. There for one year as an instructor in the same school then, of all places, to Korea where we lived in a mud hut ( actually 3 rooms ) in a village near Camp Howard about 70 miles south of Seoul. I’ll dig out and scan some photos. I encouraged 5 other military to bring their wives so we had a little American community. I crawled rooftops and concrete walls with glass imbedded in low grade cement to run wires for 6 different radios. I don’t know how I managed to get then off-post but every American wife could talk to another wife or all wives at once. The wives had a harder time getting on post than the village prostitutes. It seems funny now, it wasn’t then. Once or twice I managed to “kadjewa” a deuce and a half and all the women took blankets to ride on while all of us husbands went into the big commissary. They didn’t mind. They were busy all the way home going through bags of groceries.

Getting tired. Will try to insert the promised photo. I will be back on a couple of political conservative views. Stay tuned!



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