Is “Operation Ring of Fire” Very Close?

Other than various input from a variety of forums I have no proof, I am going to posit a theory. As utterly ridiculous as it may seem there is a VERY prevalent conspiracy theory that bombs have been planted in 9 major US cities and that sometime around the 3rd or 4th of July they will be set off and the Executive Branch will move to Norad in Colorado. Simultaneously the borders between Canada and Mexico will be opened and North America will fall under control of the United Nations.

All of these fall under NWO and predates the current administration. This the time when DHS, DOD, FEMA and the U.N. round us all up, distribute the 30,000 guillotines to the FEMA Camps and classify us  as Blue, Red, Yellow or White. (Yellow and White are the workers) Yellow will be detained, White will be allowed to return home after getting an RFID/GPS implant AND we will be told what job we will perform, once back at home. Don’t ask about the fate of the Blue and Red groups, there are supposedly rail cars full of shackles for transporting the captured [citizens]

OK folks, here’s my question. First, there are roughly 300 million US citizens. How can a private Army of 300,000, spread nationwide, come to MY very rural property, get past my motion detectors and cameras and escape my field of fire from an upstairs room? Will they try and enlist 1/2 of us to enslave the other half? Ridiculous! Only a handful of U.S.M.C. personnel have said they would fire on citizens if so ordered. I suspect they were either A. Telling the Brass what they wanted to hear or B. Would be incapable “at the moment.”

I do think that Quantitative Easing has created inflation in the stock market and we could see a correction as high as 90%. Remember, it was only 2009 when the Dow stood at 6,400. And there is no real housing recovery, over 80% of the buyers have been investor groups, not individuals. Just to be safe, take half your cash out of the bank and hide it at home or put it in your OWN safe.

Get ready for some turbulent times. There are lots of “Things to Hoard in case of a Food Shortage” sites on the webz. But, I don’t see food manufacturers, farmers OR truckers sitting on their hands. Greed is the only thing that will cause shortages. Stock up on some extra water. Milk cartons, once emptied, make great water containers.

But, be alert. Don’t trust the MSM to inform you of anything you “need to Know”. Only NPR or Fox News (and they have been toned down by the government) will tell you what you need. Have you noticed that FOX News no longer says “Un Afraid” anymore as their tag line? THAT scares me a little bit.

Let’s be careful out there.



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