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Is “Operation Ring of Fire” Very Close?

Is “Operation Ring of Fire” Very Close?.


Is “Operation Ring of Fire” Very Close?

Other than various input from a variety of forums I have no proof, I am going to posit a theory. As utterly ridiculous as it may seem there is a VERY prevalent conspiracy theory that bombs have been planted in 9 major US cities and that sometime around the 3rd or 4th of July they will be set off and the Executive Branch will move to Norad in Colorado. Simultaneously the borders between Canada and Mexico will be opened and North America will fall under control of the United Nations.

All of these fall under NWO and predates the current administration. This the time when DHS, DOD, FEMA and the U.N. round us all up, distribute the 30,000 guillotines to the FEMA Camps and classify us  as Blue, Red, Yellow or White. (Yellow and White are the workers) Yellow will be detained, White will be allowed to return home after getting an RFID/GPS implant AND we will be told what job we will perform, once back at home. Don’t ask about the fate of the Blue and Red groups, there are supposedly rail cars full of shackles for transporting the captured [citizens]

OK folks, here’s my question. First, there are roughly 300 million US citizens. How can a private Army of 300,000, spread nationwide, come to MY very rural property, get past my motion detectors and cameras and escape my field of fire from an upstairs room? Will they try and enlist 1/2 of us to enslave the other half? Ridiculous! Only a handful of U.S.M.C. personnel have said they would fire on citizens if so ordered. I suspect they were either A. Telling the Brass what they wanted to hear or B. Would be incapable “at the moment.”

I do think that Quantitative Easing has created inflation in the stock market and we could see a correction as high as 90%. Remember, it was only 2009 when the Dow stood at 6,400. And there is no real housing recovery, over 80% of the buyers have been investor groups, not individuals. Just to be safe, take half your cash out of the bank and hide it at home or put it in your OWN safe.

Get ready for some turbulent times. There are lots of “Things to Hoard in case of a Food Shortage” sites on the webz. But, I don’t see food manufacturers, farmers OR truckers sitting on their hands. Greed is the only thing that will cause shortages. Stock up on some extra water. Milk cartons, once emptied, make great water containers.

But, be alert. Don’t trust the MSM to inform you of anything you “need to Know”. Only NPR or Fox News (and they have been toned down by the government) will tell you what you need. Have you noticed that FOX News no longer says “Un Afraid” anymore as their tag line? THAT scares me a little bit.

Let’s be careful out there.


Just chattering away

I doubt if you would have to re-learn anything. Like riding a bicycle. But I know exactly what you are talking about. I had a lot of muscle cars in the late sixties and early 70’s.  The standard 69 Chevelle SS with factory 429 and 4 speed. And sort of a rare bird, a Mercury “Caliente” which was the Ford equivalent of the 70 & 1/2 Fairlane. The Fairlane had become a full size car by then but the Caliente came out with a factory 429 and 4 speed. I put in lower gears, didn’t really need the 140 MPH top end. 🙂 Never lost a drag race in class. But I did lose one time to a Camaro with a built up 327 driving the Chevelle. I was sure the Chevelle would leave it at the starting line but I forgot about “curb weight”. It was 1000 pounds lighter and he beat me by a hoods’ length. I was so mad. (Continued in Blogspot)

I had a 63 Ford Fairlane 4 door, I was so embarrassed. My youngest uncle had a blue 64 Fairlane, that was the “collectible”. A 2 door. 289 in it. Mine had the same block only smaller pistons so it was a 221. There was a 260 too, all three V-8’s.This was before I started working at the pallet factory making monster money for the time. One half owner was my Uncle, who had lost an arm in the factory at Clopay. got $1M settlement and a lifetime contract to supply the pallets they went through daily. The other half owner was a local guy too, not too much older than us 16 year old guys. HE built a garage, actually a speed shop with chain hoist for pulling engines, parts hanging around the walls. He was a Ford nut too. He had a new Ford Ranchero, a luxury pickup for the times. 351 cubic inch motor. Donnie Bickley, now a giant of a man towered, over me and I’m 6’5. He could drop in the three inside runners in half a second on the hand made work bench and grab 5 1/2 ” boards for that side with the other and put them in the exact spot. I could make that nail gun fly across all five boards and he would would flip the pallet with one hand and grab six more boards for the other side in one fluid motion. I would nail that six then we would repeat. He would turn and stack that pallet until we had an eight foot stack then get the forklift after we had filled the bay full up. Load that big bed eighteen wheeler and strap all of them down. Yeah, the load was top heavy but Tiny never rolled a load. Oddly, the property I bought when moving back to KY to die from the cancer our road is across the street from the much, much larger pallet factory. Not at all like it used to be but they sell me 1000 board feet of rough cut Oak for $100 for stalls and barn additions. You can nail them tightly together but within a year there is a good 1/2 space between the boards as they air dry and cure out. You can’t drive a nail in them then without first drilling a small hole.

So when I starting having enough $$ to buy the muscle cars he let me use the shop to build up my motors as high as possible. Who knew that a fiberglass fan would add some HP as the blades “flattened” at high RPM’s and had less resistance on the cam and crank shafts?

Being 16-20 in the late sixties and early seventies was a great time in America. Our parents laughed all the time, times were good. many of my classmates and I were “Rebels without a clue”. We did have Civil Rights as an issue. My best friend was a guy named Charlie Brown, and he was. Brown. I never even thought about it but Charlie would let me take him home from work in the summertime when all of kids automatically had summer jobs at Browning’s, ( Now Emerson Electric ) where our father’s worked. My parents got nasty phone calls and boy, did the caller get an earful. My graduating class had 18, only 12 went on the Senior trip to Washington D.C. on a bus. I think Taxman mentioned his H.S. French was “rusty”, our French teacher was the PE instructor, he was one Chapter ahead of us in the textbook.

What I remember as “carefree days” are long gone and it is now a different America. I won’t go into that but, let’s all make sure we vote on Election Day.

Cars sorta faded into the background after 72. Being married will do that. 40 years of wedded bliss and 31 of that in the IT industry in Sales. I was in technology long before the first IBM AT or XT. 64 K of mem or, a board with 64K and room to add another, equal amount. Wow. 128K or memory! My first computer was a Burroughs 6500 and the memory was iron (ferrite) core mem. We had 8 meg in a 15′ by 15′ room, thought we would never run out. And yeah, if you opened the door and a mosquito flew in you knew there would be a problem. That’s when we would have to “de-bug” the computer,,,,:lol: But I can’t complain, the gravy years were between 1997 and 2007 when I made $2.359,060.

This ran on as on as I just kept thinking of the good old days. That why I moved it to a blog post. When my posts run on and on Howste is always concerned and calls me on it. No Sir, just typing away as the wife sleeps off yesterdays’ eye surgery. It went remarkably well, FYI.

First Blog

Hello Friends,

It is so hard to believe that I have not created a blogspot before now, considering the fact that I think I have so much to say about so many things. and I promise, no blogs without a photo. So many interesting animals and pets, that will take a while to get through.

I am writing from the tiny hamlet of Tollesboro KY, where I did grow up but moved away for 35 years. I moved back in December of 2004 having been told that I was going to die of pancreatic cancer. I really, really had to get my lovely wife of 40 years back home and close to family. But, I beat it! So now, after 100 trips to Vanderbilt in Nashville I’m still here. 101 months of oral morphine at 1200mg per day. I got a pain pump put in 2 weeks ago and for the first time in over 8 years, no pain and no oral morphine. The fog has lifted, starting to feel like the old me. Look out world, I’m all the way back.

The church will notice a difference. I feel more like getting out. Visiting the sick, infirm and aged in nursing homes and in their homes. It just make you feel so good to visit with someone. I think I get more out of it than the visited, I learn so much from the elderly people of the community that watched me grow up, watched me through 4 years of basketball, very many attended my H.S. graduation. It’s what you do in a small town. Everybody goes to graduation.

Such a beautiful day. Mid 70’s with low humidity and Sunny. Farmers are getting ready to harvest corn and soybeans, lot’s of tractors on the roads. Between them and Amish buggies around here just add 20 minutes to any 15 mile trip and you will be fine. Plus, you see so much more when you slow down and look around you.

I suppose that “Looking Around You” could be the inspiration behind today’s blog. So many people rushing through life. “Stopping to smell the roses” is more than a cliche’. It is a very real commentary on how we should be living. Especially today, with so much terror in the world. And terror here in the USA. This is not a political blog but I am very afraid of the current administration. How is it possible that Romney isn’t leading in every state by 20%? If the media would only play fair. How can anyone influence the media? I don’t understand how it is possible yet I see it everyday.

Wake Up Everybody. Please exercise your right to vote, it has never been this important.

I have traveled a lot in 59 years. My wife and I took our 6 week old son to Germany in November of 1974, we lived there until June of 1976 then returned to Redstone Arsenal, Alabama where I went to military training for a year on the Improved Hawk CW. There for one year as an instructor in the same school then, of all places, to Korea where we lived in a mud hut ( actually 3 rooms ) in a village near Camp Howard about 70 miles south of Seoul. I’ll dig out and scan some photos. I encouraged 5 other military to bring their wives so we had a little American community. I crawled rooftops and concrete walls with glass imbedded in low grade cement to run wires for 6 different radios. I don’t know how I managed to get then off-post but every American wife could talk to another wife or all wives at once. The wives had a harder time getting on post than the village prostitutes. It seems funny now, it wasn’t then. Once or twice I managed to “kadjewa” a deuce and a half and all the women took blankets to ride on while all of us husbands went into the big commissary. They didn’t mind. They were busy all the way home going through bags of groceries.

Getting tired. Will try to insert the promised photo. I will be back on a couple of political conservative views. Stay tuned!